The MSME Alliance Members

Association President
1 Jamaica Agriculture Society Senator Norman Grant
2 Jamaica Egg Farmers Association Mr. Roy Baker
3 Jamaica Ornamental Fish Farmers Association Mr. Norman Dawson
4 Jamaica Greenhouse Growers Association Mr. Derrick Smith
5 All Island Bee Farmers Association Mr. Granville Whitelocke
6 Clarendon Ackee Association Mr. Rodger Cameron
7 Jamaica Pig Farmers Mrs. Angella Bardowell
8 Blockmakers Association of Jamaica Mr. Delroy Christie
9 Jamaica Wood Products & Furniture Association Mr. Mortimer McPherson
10 National Council of Taxi Operators Mr. Dion Chance
11 National Association of Taxi Operators Mr. Michael Morgan
12 Port Trailer Haulage Association Mr. Andrew Henry
13 Hardware Merchant Assocation Mr. Errol Salkey
14 Jamaica Vendors and Higglers Association Mr. Dunstan Whittingham
15 Jamaica Gasoline Retailers Association Mr. Derrick Thompson
16 Custom Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association Ms. Jacqueline Cole
17 Jamaica Association of Transport Owners and Operators Mr. Louis Barton
18 Mining & Quarrying Association of Jamaica Mr. Anthony Morgan
19 Jamaica Society of Energy Engineers Mr. Owen Gunning
20 Electrical Contractors Association of Jamaica Mr. Ray Campbell
21 The Incorporated Masterbuilders Association of Jamaica Mr. Carvel Stewart
22 Jamaica Association of Dramatic Artists Ms. Scarlett Beharie
23 Jamaica Association of Composers, Authors & Publishers Ms. Lydia Rose
24 Jamaica Racehorse Trainers Association Mr. Vincent Edwards
25 National Association of Hairdressers & Cometologists Mrs. Winsome Kay
26 Jamaica Optometric Association Dr. Dawn Woo-Lawson
27 Jamaica Microfinanciing Association Ltd. Mr. Raymond Gabbidon
28 Jamaica Guild of Artists Mr. Edward Channer
29 Ocho Rios Craft Traders and Producers Council Mr. Devon Mitchell
30 Jamaica Craft Traders and Producers Council Ms. Melody Haughton
31 Western Craft Region Association Ms. Melody Haughton
32 Trelawny Art & Craft and Entertainment Association Ms. Marlene Minto
33 Technology Innovation Centre Ms. Dionne Palmer
34 Junior Chamber International Ms. Terisa Thompson
35 Jamaica Solar Energy Association Mr. Roger Chang
36 Jamaica Network of Rural Women Producers
37 Jamaica Creative Co-operative Mr. Horace A Donovan
38 Essex Valley Community & Associates Mr. Lenworth Blake
39 Panacarib Web Services Mr. Theo Chambers
40 Cave Valley Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society Ltd Ms. Dovet Reid
Affiliate Members
1 Gormann Corporation Ltd Mr. Jennings Gordon
2 Research & Analysis Associates Mr. Rohan Bell
3 Braemar Energy Solutions Peter Crawford
4 John Patrick Ross Mr. John Patrick Ross

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